About us

Trackready Aero was founded in 2015, we started this brand to provide a high quality product and service to cater for hardcore track enthusiasts with regard to aerodynamic upgrade kits. We realized there were a lack of performance aero options available for track enthusiasts in the Australian automotive scene, so we decided to apply our construction & product design background to creating new and innovative aerodynamic components for track vehicles. Our passion for circuit racing and understanding that track vehicles can sustain heavy abrasions, bottom outs and other forms of wear and tear, inspired us to develop products that will withstand the brutal conditions of the race track through the application of innovative base materials and sacrificial components . The base materials, which we use to construct your aero modifications, offer substantial longevity, rigidity and impact resistance which are integral aspects in the successful application of any aerodynamic setup.
After a few years working with track enthusiasts on a variety of vehicles, we were able to fine tune our packages to provide the ultimate driving experience for any application, be it circuit, time attack, drag and even street setups for aesthetic enhancement. We have upgraded our Minto, Sydney location with a state of the art large format 3 axis cnc router setup with billet milling capability which will see our brand developing new and exciting products for the car community in the coming years. This upgrade will allow us to have more control over our design and manufacture process and will allow us to offer competitive pricing without compromise in quality!
We have invested our lives into this brand as we want to leave our mark in the sport of racing by providing the highest quality components at a competitive price point with the highest performing materials on the market.
We aim to serve the car community within Australia through our passion for designing and manufacturing racing products and we look forward to working with you to build your next aero project!


Customer service is the most important aspect of our business. We strive to offer a high standard regarding user experience be it online or in-store. We are hosted on Shopify, one of the largest and most reliable e-commerce platforms and we process your payments using Paypal and Afterpay, some of the most secure payments gateways on the planet.