Full Aero upgrade packages

Owning a performance vehicle can be a very fulfilling experience, we take pride in the way we care for them, protect them and modify them, they are an extension of our identity. Each of us are unique in our own special way so it would make sense that our pride and joy would also be distinguishable from the crowd. There is nothing worse than seeing hundreds of identical cars on the road everyday. You have made a large investment in your pride and joy and it deserves the spotlight. 

We have come up with some amazing full aero packages that will not only set you apart from the crowd with stunning designs, but also assist in the protection of your existing body kit, fiberglass or carbon fiber lips and any other body parts that may interact with the road surface. These full aero packages have been created to provide a fresh aesthetic for your oem performance vehicle as well as perform on the track.

We have designed two types of kit to cater for different applications, 3mm thickness and 4mm thickness. The 3mm kit is built for show style setups, whereas the 4mm kits are built for a little more abuse on the track as well as extra durability and upgraded hardware components, all serving the purpose of increasing rigidity, impact resistance and overall strength.


These kits are intended for off road use 

All products require professional installation as no holes are predrilled in any components unless otherwise stated

Hardware is included in every full aero package, as well as general installation instructions